Availability of Safe Food today is as stiff a challenge as food security itself. Thanks to modern industrial research and rapid technological progress, our food habits are undergoing a fundamental transformation.

  •  We are eating far too many processed foods about which most of us know nothing.
  •  We are eating things that our parents never knew, and we have stopped eating foods that have served us well for thousands of years.
  •  We are breaking and abandoning all rules of dietetics that had evolved over centuries of meticulous observation. This process is driven and further amplified by aggressive advertising assaulting us from every possible media source.
The impact of this change on public health is evident in the widespread prevalence of ailments ranging from cardiac diseases and diabetes to hundreds of types of cancer. The time has come for us to wake up to this reality and act upon it. It is time to make a clear distinction between just ‘food’ and ‘safe food’. As in many other countries, a people’s movement needs to spread among all stakeholders, from farmers to urban consumers.
The purpose of this event is to:
  1.  Launch a Platform for consumers and farmers to come together for sharing of knowledge, goods and concerns. Average visitors is between 1.5 to 3 lacs.
  2.  Encourage and facilitate farmer-to-consumer, farmer-to-farmer and farmer-to-expert networking.
  3.  Bring the idea of Safe Food into the limelight through widespread coverage and urge all stakeholders to make educated choices.
  4.  Give a sense of dignity, pride and identity to genuine organic farmers
Organising such an event is a complex task. The sheer scale calls for a meticulous, organised management effort. It implies the engagement of several teams of capable and passionate people working long and hard to make the event a success. It also means a huge financial outlay. We therefore make an earnest appeal to you to come forth and contribute in any one or more of the following manners:
1. Sponsorship: Make a financial contribution and get your organisation’s name and work displayed for all visitors to see.
2. Donation: Make a donation purely because you believe in the cause and want to actively support it.
3. Participation – Organic Farmer: Put up a stall in the trade-fair, connect with your customers in person, display and sell your produce, processed products and freshly cooked wholesome food.
4. Participation – Organizing Consortium: Be part of the organizing effort and contribute in various ways such as fund raising, event management, coordination, publicity etc.


All contributions be drawn in the name of: ‘Vanarai

Axis Bank Ltd, Sahakar Nagar, Pune.

IFSC code – UTIB0000350 and A/C No. 350010100044998.

All donations will be exempted under Sec. 80G of the income tax act.