Interesting & useful speaker sessions are taking place at the *Annadata Organic Food Festival*.

*The renowned Vaidya (Dr) Dilip Gadgil has been involved in some pathbreaking research in the fields of Ayurveda, Sanskrit and Cancer causes & treatment.*

The Tilak Maharashtra University started in 1989, the Ayurvediya Triskandha-kosha Project; which has been of significant importance not only to TMV, but also to Ayurveda and the nation. _Compilation of causes of diseases, their symptoms and treatment from the main texts of Ayurveda and presenting the same in the alphabetical order from various aspects_; thus giving the access to vast storage of knowledge, is the nature of work of this project. The information in these texts is scattered and intermixed; hence researchers and practitioners do not get the information about a disease at one place. Valuable time and efforts of all the researchers are lost in achieving the same. Besides, if all the references from the texts are not viewed together, it may lead to incomplete and deficient information. _Over 19 years, Dr Gadgil completed this unique, tedious project which required to blend the knowledge of Ayurveda, Sanskrit language and computer; overall a rather complicated work_.

Studying Cancer from Ayurvedic viewpoint was a major part of this project. It aimed to find causes of Cancer according to Ayurveda; to diagnose it according to Ayurveda (To Include under Arbuda, Granthi, Gulma etc. diseases or think about it as a totally new disease.) It also aimed at finding the prognosis of cancer patients according to Ayurveda and to find out guidelines for treatment of cancer. Patients suffering from cancer were being treated in the project and the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment was assessed.

*Today (24th Dec.), Dr. Gadgil will be at the Speaker Zone, Annadata Organic Food Festival in the @BhimthadiJatraChristmasEdition.*

Do not miss this pre-noon session as this highlights *the importance of #SafeFood as the biggest health investment*.

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