This page features videos, downloads, posters and more material for the safe food movement.


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Bhimthadi Jatra 2017 featuring Annadata Organic Food FestivalNarendra Khot | Appeal for CrowdfundingAnil Gaikwad | Appeal for CrowdfundingSunandatai Pawar | Appeal for CrowdfundingSadanand Pendse and Samadhi on DD Sahyadri News, 30.Oct.17Foreword by Ravindra Dharia, President, Vanrai

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Shaping up of the citizens movement for safe food

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Meeting with Sendriya Setu group, Vasudhatai

Traditional ways of food processing, by Satvyk Kolhapur

Wood cold press oil extraction - lakdi ghaanaHand pounded flour - Chakki Fresh AttaHand pounded grains - Jatyavarchi Daal

Videos on Pesticide Awareness

Endosulphan issuesPoison on our Plate | Ramanjaneyulu GV | TEDxHyderabadSatyamev Jayate S1 | Episode 8 | Toxic Food

Kalsubai Farmers’ Group Grows Organic Millets On Sahyadri Slopes