Img cr: Nisargayan

Img cr: Nisargayan

A diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Dileep Kulkarni began his career in Telco. After working for 5 years, he quit to take up social work for the following 9 years. He then set up the Vivekananda Kendra in Pune. Later in 1993, he decided to move to Konkan and ever since, has been living in Kudawale, a small village in Konkan. His primary work involves creating awareness about environment and living sustainably. He uses 4 media to promote his work.

1. Books – he and his Ayurvedic Doctor wife Poornima Kulkarni, together have published over 30 books.

2. A monthly magazine – Gatimansantulan (​गतिमान-संतुलन) a monthly magazine is run by him.

3. Lectures – He addresses lectures on various platforms.

4. Workshops – Conducts 1 day seminar which covers topics of environment and energy.

The USP of Dileep Kulkarni’s life is that he is a living example of what he preaches. The direction of his life being decided, he keeps trying to move towards it every day. He initially used gas in his house for 13 years, but later gave it up and has moved to cooking on fire and solar energy. His power usage per month is around 1-2 units. He has no electronic equipment in his house. He doesn’t own any private energy driven vehicle and still rides a bicycle, even in Pune. In his house in Kudawale, all the wet waste is put back into the soil and he lives towards creation of zero-waste. In a nutshell, the couple is a living example of lowering human carbon footprint and living sustainably.

A workshop by the power-duo is arranged on 25 th December 2017, Monday at the club house of Irene Towers, Aloma County, Aundh Balewadi Link Road. It is a 9 am to 5 pm session, consisting of 7 parts.

  • 4 parts of the session are conducted by Dileep Kulkarni, where he talks about the External Environment- Nature, Energy, Carbon Footprint etc.
  • 3 parts of the session is conducted by Poornima Kulkarni, where she talks about the Internal Environment – Self, Body, Mind and Ayurveda .

The seminar talks about how the External environment and Internal Environment though seeming different are interconnected and on a spiritual level are one and the same. The takeaway to the average urban dweller is a “how-to” on living a better and sustainable lifestyle in their current ecosystem.

To confirm your entry and for more details on the seminar, you may call Sagar Kulkarni 9930809045 or Shubha Kulkarni 9930809046.

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