Annadata Safe Food Festival Launched at Veerbhadranagar Housing Society , Baner.

You all are aware that Annadaata is a Citizen Movement for Safe Food. Our aim is “Safe Food, Affordable By One & All”. We go about this purpose through many means. One of them is Safe Food Fests.

Today we launched one such society-level event at Veerbhadranagar Housing Society in Baner, Pune.

The office-bearers of this society met beforehand and agreed with team Annadaata upon the location, time and composition of this Sunday Market. Four ZBNF farmers brought their pesticide-free, naturally-grown farm-produce directly to the doorstep of VBN residents. The farmers were joined by their trusted urban supply chain friends, who actually offloaded some of the unsold items through their sales channels. Incredibly, many farmers exchanged addresses with consumers who wished to visit and spend time at their farms.

No chemicals and no middlemen meant that visitors went home carrying shopping bags loaded with healthy, nutritious food supplies. Farmers and consumers were equally enthused about the few hours they spent together. All are looking forward to more such fests on a more regular basis.

Thanks are due to all volunteers, society office-bearers, visitors and, of course, the farmers. This event was an example of what mutual trust and cooperation can result into.

You too can consider to invite our honest farmer friends over to your society.

Call 9823034264 or email us at with your proposal.

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25 Dec’17-  One Day workshop on internal and External Environment by Dileep & Poornima Kulkarni .

There is a workshop by the power duo couple on 25 th December 2017, Monday in the club house of Irene Towers, Aloma County, Aundh Balewadi Link Road.
It is a 9 am -5 pm session consisting of 7 divisions.

The seminar gives an urban dweller the take away as to how to live a better and sustainable lifestyle in the current system you already are in.

30 Nov’17 : Cooked organic food distribution at Vishuji ki Rasoi


गुरुवार, दि. 30 नोव्हेम्बर रोजी सकाळी 10 ते 12 ऑर्गनिक , विषमुक्त अन्नाच्या प्रचार आणि प्रसारासाठी
“विष्णूजी की रसोई” ह्यांच्या तर्फे एक स्तुत्य उपक्रम आहे, कृपया सर्वांनी ह्याचा लाभ घ्यावा.

स्थान : विष्णूजी की रसोई, राजा मंत्री डीपी रोड, एरंडवणे, पुणे
सकाळी 10.00 ते 11:30 ऑर्गनिक विषमुक्त अन्नाचे महत्व आणि प्रश्नोत्तरे – सेंद्रिय कृषी भूषण श्रीमती वसुधाताई सरदार

11.30 ऑर्गनिक तयार भाजी चे वितरण – शेफ विष्णू मनोहर स्वतः 300 किलो ऑर्गनिक भाजी बनवणार आहेत.
नक्की या आणि आपला डबा आणायला विसरू नका

Vishnu Manohar, celebrated Chef in Pune, will prepare 300kg Organic mix Veg at his restaurant and offer it Free to visitors to taste. Come with your tiffins and collect the prepared vegetable. #VasudhaSardar; well known Organic Farmer and supplier, will address the visitors on Organic Food and its importance and there would be Organic food stalls too. It’s a commendable step and takes the Citizens Movement for Safe Food a step ahead. Do come to Vishnuji Ki Rasoi. 30th November; 10 am – 12 pm with your tiffins to carry back the vegetable. #SafeFood

News Coverage

See this news clip on DD-Sahyadri where Sadanand Pendse and Samadhi Shelar from the Annadata team explain about the event and the concept of safe food: