In Brief

Inviting you to the Annadata Organic Food Festival, by the citizens’ movement for Safe Food

Date: 22 to 25 December 2017
Venue: Agricultural College Grounds, Pune
as a part of Bhimthadi Jatra event that gets around 3 lakh footfalls every year.

Brochure: http://organicannadata.org/brochure/

Appeal for sponsors and donors to help make the event a success: http://organicannadata.org/sponsor/

Get in touch with us:

Website: http://www.organicannadata.com
Email id : safefoodpune@gmail.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/safefoodpune
Twitter: https://twitter.com/safefoodpune
Instagram: https://instagram.com/safefood_pune
Ketto: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/annadatasafefood


Are you concerned about the food that your family eats?

And about the health of the farmer who grows it?

A citizens’ movement for safe food is taking shape in Pune.

This is an effort by a group of individuals and organizations committed to bridging the gap between the farmers, the suppliers and the consumers. We want to raise consumer awareness and demand for a pesticide-free, toxin-free organic food supply, which in turn facilitates more farmers to grow safe food. We would like to see Pune as a Safe Food city. #SafeFoodPune

The common challenges faced by people in accessing safe food: authenticity & consistency of supplies, and affordability. We aim to answer these challenges. Our farming experts team is using strict protocols and verification with farm visits to bring you authentic safe food sources and reliable supply-chains, all under one roof at the Annadata Organic Food Festival.


Some of the people behind this initiative:

  • Sudhakar Varanasi, initiator of 108 Ambulance service
  • Arun Wakhlu, Poorna Pune
  • Ravindra Dharia, Vanarai
  • Kalpanatai and Shitole kaka, Sendriya Sheti Abhyas Gat
  • Neerad Trivedi, Saurashtra Kheti Abhiyan and Rajkot Organic Festival
  • Geetatai Deshmukh, Safe food pioneer since 30+ years
  • Dr. Swati Gole, Ecological Society
  • Anil Gaikwad, Vasundhara Swachchhata Abhiyan, supporting ZBNF farmers
  • … and many more individuals and groups working on safe food movement in and around Pune.

The co-hosting Organisations:

Vanarai, Sustainable Living Integrated Solutions, Ecological Society, Vasundhara Abhiyan, Poorna Pune.


News Coverage

DD Sahyadri news coverageClick below to see this news clip on DD-Sahyadri where Sadanand Pendse and Samadhi Shelar from the Annadata team explain about the event and the concept of safe food:


About the Bhimthadi Jatra

The Bhimthadi Jatra in its 11th year running, attracts around 3 lakh footfalls and features stalls by women’s self-help groups, tribals and artisans in support of local empowerment and traditional knowledge. This year the Jatra is happening on 22-25 December 2017 at Agricultural College Grounds, and the organisers have generously provided 50 stall-spaces and a large exhibition space for taking forward the message of safe food to the expected 3 lakh Punekars from all walks of life. See their website : http://www.bhimthadijatra.com/



This is a tremendous opportunity to reach out to a large number of people, and a big challenge too. We seek your support in funding for this initiative. Your contributions will go towards:

  1. Graphic design and print for exhibition materials for a knowledge and experience zone to raise consumer awareness at the event, which we plan to re-use and deploy at various locations across Pune and Maharashtra after the event.
  2. To support stalls for safe food farmers.
  3. Media, videography and promotion for the event and the larger cause of safe food for all.

Please visit our donation page : http://organicannadata.org/donate/ . You can contribute by bank transfer, Ketto or via PayTM. Your contribution will be 80G tax deductible. You can also provide sponsorship from your organization in various forms at this event which will see around 3 lakh footfalls. Please share this with your colleagues and friends.


The impact we seek

  1. Know your farmer, know your food source: Purchase directly from the farmer, or a supplier who gives you back traceability of the food purchased.
  2. I have family doctor, tailor, lawyer, CA, etc.. now I have family farmer.
  3. Confirming if your food is safe: grown without toxic chemicals, artificial flavours, preservatives. Buy food with natural ingredients.


We hope you join us in this endeavour to honour the farmers, honour mother nature and make safe food accessible for all.

Thanks and Regards.
Annadata Organic Food Festival Team.