Safe Food Farmers Selection Guidelines

All farmers selected to display products in Annadata Organic Food Festival have undergone a strict farmer selection criteria, to validate their authenticity and make sure food is safe for you.

  1. Reference from Organic Movement Leaders, Experts & Activists
  2.  Farm visits by volunteer’s teams & committed individuals – In spite of strong reference, we are reconfirming their competence for participation in the event.
  3. Self-Declaration of adherence “GAP” (Good Agricultural Practice) – There are many school of thoughts and Guru in this field. We need to bring them on common minimum understanding to avoid any confusion in the consumer mind. Therefore we are projecting the basic and sort of mandatory action points which differentiate these farmers from the rest to all the stakeholders. These actions make it possible to produce safe food as defined.
  4. Organic Carbon Test – Whenever Possible – This being simple, a scientific laboratory test to measure the soil health achieved as a result of all the Good Agricultural Practices followed by the farmer and forms basic ingredient to produce safe food.
  5. Inspired by (Method of farming) – Knowing the inspiration behind the farming practice of the farmer. 
  6. Experiential Rating – The farmers support team’s personal verification on behalf of all stakeholders.

Safe Food Supplier Selection Guidelines

  1. Back Traceability – The supply chain provides details of food sources and is open for farm visits.

Leaders and Guides – Pioneers In the field of organic farming in different regions

  • Padmashree Subhash Palekar
  • Shree Deepakji Sajde
  • Shree Vasant Futane
  • Dr. Pachegaokar
  • Shree Vinayak Mahajan (Strong follower of Shree S. A. Dabholkar)
  • Krushibhushan Rajendra Bhat (Strong follower of Shree S. A. Dabholkar)