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Amrut Mitti manual by Natueco and Urban Leaves

Download PDF (6.5mb) : Amrut Mitti in 6 Steps See page 6 for contact information of the authors : Deepak Suchade: Natueco expert, and Preeti Patil: Natueco City Farmer, Urban Leaves groupRead More…


Journey of organic farming by a dedicated karmayogini- Geeta Deshmukh.

Only once in a long while do we bump into exceptional characters doing dedicated work in their chosen fields. Geetatai Deshmukh is one such Karmayogini who breathes the mantra of Bhagvad Gita – Do yourRead More…


Food Myths #4: Eating Less Sugar/Fat Means I Am Eating Healthy

Let’s celebrate = Chalo kuchh meetha ho jaay Sugar and Slavery are curiously related. Post industrial revolution, Europeans found sea trade routes and deployed cheap slave-labour economies over sugarcane plantations. Sugar itselfRead More…