The move from Mumbai to US was both to see the world and also explore opportunities that others had not seen or thought of. After completing my second Masters which was in Retail and consumer Sciences and working in the very organized retail industry in the US, there was a call from within to come back to India. When in the US, I was very attracted to the organic section of the foods that used to be displayed in the huge stores there. The fact that food was grown naturally and without any chemicals, made it safe to be consumed even without cooking. Health seemed to be taken care of because of this.

The return to India after 8 years brought with it a series of health problems for me personally. After a good one year of doctor trials, I thought of looking at the source of the body intake that is –food. My lookout for organic and naturally grown produce near Pune began. I started looking up the people working in this field, the market awareness in general and also started linking up with farmers. Though it was pretty disorganized, I started putting the pieces together and started on the home delivery model from my residence.

Through the journey I took a course in the Ecological Society of Pune and a lot of questions and doubts that I had from the business I took up, were answered and it made my direction clear. The journey which is sometimes hard, lonely and above all thankless, still keeps me going, because something from within tells me, it’s the right thing to do!

Shubha –
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